Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

I'm sure by now you know just how much I love nature and how much I love to invite it into my home. Not only have I used one branch as art, I used another branch as a jewelry hanger and yet another fallen tree to make a bench.  Yes, I love nature and trees and flowers.

I was perusing the large and infinite world wide web recently and discovered that there are others that are beginning to bring the outdoors in.  Branches, leaves, and driftwood all provide a neutral, yet majestic touch when used in decorating.


I have fallen in love with this twig lantern. It's simplicity and rustic charm are coupled with the elegance of the smooth, bare wood.


This lamp would be so simple to recreate with a small cylinder lamp base, some straight sticks, and twine to hold them together.  It would match any color combination and bring a dash of interest to a corner.

via re-nest

This very creative pendant lighting is beautiful and completely unexpected. If you look closely, you'll see the branch being supported in the pot with the pendant lamp cords wrapped tightly around the length of the branch.  I can also picture a branch hanging from the ceiling and supporting lighting above a dining room table.

via diy ideas

I have this picture saved on my computer and every now and then open it just to stare at it. Such a great idea to use a branch as a unique upcycled curtain rod.

via a la mode

Sunburst mirrors have been making a big splash in the blogging community and here is one that I love.  They spent hours on the beach collecting perfectly straight driftwood pieces and their result is beautiful.

I've been inspired to continue bringing the outdoors in in small but unique ways. Perhaps a trip to Goodwill is in order to find a lamp just begging to be wrapped in sticks.


Screaming Meme said...

Oh my...I want it all...I love the lamp the most! Thank you for inspiring me!

Rebbie said...

That branch curtain rod is brilliant! I've got a dead tree in my yard if you need any branches.

Ches said...

Great inspiration pics.

Unknown said...

That twig lantern is gorgeous! it's how I got to your blog! (via the party/hop thingy) -- I also love that sunburst mirror -- I was sure I wouldn't jump on that bandwagon (most aren't my thing), but that one and a bamboo one I found the other day are changing my mind.. Also, crazy thing.. that twig lamp inspired me to make my own a while ago -- I used an old pencil thin ikea desk lamp I had but was no longer using. The twigs didn't work as good as I'd hoped.. I look forward to seeing if you make one! :)

Unknown said...

What did you use for the top of the lantern? Where did you purchase it from??


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