Monday, June 27, 2011

Celebrating Summer with Links and Waterfalls

Today John and I are going exploring! In an hour we'll pack up the dog and be off to hike the million mountain trails and splash around in the three swimming holes and waterfalls that we discovered while looking at a map last week.  We're excited for Layla-Butt to have some time to let loose and explore, swim, and run around to her heart's content. We're even more excited to hike a new mountain, relax on the rocks, and escape the heat of the city.

Here are some sneak peeks of what we'll find on our hikes and don't forget to scroll below to find my favorite links of the summer!

While we're off gallivanting through the mountains and waterfalls, here are some of my favorite links recently:

I would love to use this see-through canoe in some tropical waters!
With my love of trees, I'm sure you can imagine my love of this birch handrail.
It's a tent! No, it's a swing! No, it's a trampoline! No, it's a Treepee!
The perfect privacy wall for a porch - a gutter wall.

Please excuse me while I flee the city...

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