Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fourth of July Traditions

Today I have a question for you - what are your Fourth of July traditions? Do you have a picnic with the family or do you grill out in your backyard? Do you search for an awesome fireworks display or do you set off fireworks on your driveway? Do you cool off at the pool or use drinks and popcicles to beat the heat? How do you have your family celebrate Fourth of July?

John and I have yet to begin traditions for this holiday even though it's my favorite holiday ever! In college and grad school we celebrated with barbeques at my house and invited our closest friends. Living within walking distance of downtown Harrisonburg, in the evening we would begin our trek downtown to watch the city fireworks. 

After graduation, when John and I were living outside of DC, we spent one Fourth of July in DC for the national fireworks. That was the best year ever despite the pouring rain and the crazy crowds. The fireworks were beautiful and the atmosphere was touching.

Another year we spent it with our families in Maryland fishing and laughing before sneaking away to watch fireworks in the parking lot of a Target. 

Last year I had to work but was able to get early enough to take Layla-Butt and watch the city fireworks.

As you can see, sometimes we spend Fourth of July with friends, other times with our families. Sometimes we cook out, sometimes we have picnics. Our holiday, though, always includes watching the amazing firework displays. I love them!

This year, being new to Winston Salem, we aren't sure where the best firework viewing location is or what the holiday looks like here. I'm excited to try something new and, like always, ooh and aah at some beautiful fireworks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ikea Craving

Have you ever woken up with the urge to do something? An urge to do something atypical from your daily schedule? Something that would require considerable driving, considerable cooperation from your partner, and considerable slacking of other responsibilities? Me too. Like as in this morning. Today I have woken up with the insatiable urge to visit Ikea.

It's a bizarre urge - an irrational craving really. I have not thought about Ikea since my mother was here two months ago nor do I need anything from the grown up Disney World called Ikea.  But I must go. Today.  I'm currently working on convincing my husband to toss aside his plans, responsibilities, and important tasks to go on this unnecessary mini road trip.  Some help and ideas to convince him would be greatly appreciated.

If When I walk into Ikea today, I'm planning on checking out:



NÄSUM Chest, banana fiber Width: 28 ¾ " Depth: 14 ¼ " Height: 16 ½ "  Width: 73 cm Depth: 36 cm Height: 42 cm


I'd love to browse around and check out some basics such as storage baskets, rugs, and picture frames. I woke this morning with a need to gather neutral basics and I'm working on satiating that need.  Wish me luck as I try and convince my husband that a visit to Ikea today would be the first step toward curing world hunger.


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