Into Our Family

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Meet Kristen, also known as the decorator, dreamer, and director. This is John, better known as the handy man, hammer wielder, and general ham. Last, but not least is Layla - also known as Layla-Butt, Lazy-Butt, and Stinky-Butt.  We are a happy family learning what it means to grow together, live together, and create a home together.

I'm a counselor by trade, but in my spare time I enjoy camping, hiking, reading, creating, and people-watching.  I'm learning to call North Carolina home and am exploring a new town and new culture.  I am constantly bookmarking ideas, doodling thoughts, and rearranging objects.  Having a home of my own has allowed me to finally begin trying out all my decorating ideas.


John is a graduate student studying music where he also teaches classes.  When John's not studying, he can be found playing guitar, fishing, or hiking.  John is the implementer of many of my ideas and gives life to the plans.  While he knows his way around home improvement stores, my favorite quality of his is his ability to hang very straight pictures.

 Layla is our dog, our pooch, our spoiled brat. Her occupation these days seems to be napping, but during the few hours she isn't, she enjoys staring out the window, going for W-A-L-Ks, and eating raw spaghetti.  She learns a new trick every month to keep her old mind active and loves getting her ears scratched.

John and I both graduated from James Madison University in Virginia. I went on to get my graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling, also from JMU, and we got married in September 2009.  After living in a small college town for 8 years, we experienced city life while living outside of D.C. after our wedding.  We've recently moved to North Carolina so that John can pursue his graduate degree in Music and we're busy exploring what the south has to offer.  For the time being we are enjoying cozy apartment living while we figure out where we want to settle down and establish roots.

Join us as we begin an adventure of blogging, creating a home, and decorating on a budget.


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