Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Reminiscing

I hope everyone had a wonderful and fabulous weekend holiday. John and I definitely enjoyed the long weekend and spent a lot of time relaxing, soaking up the beautiful weather, and working on various small projects. Unfortunately I was a bad blogger and left my camera in its case for the most of the weekend.

Lots of time was spent fawning over our balcony garden, babying it, and celebrating the first cayenne pepper and three flowers. I've never grown flowers before and they are beautiful! Our pepper is also the first real vegetable we've grown (aside from our annual herb garden) and it's exciting to look at it and think up the first recipe we want to use it in.  Oh, and we're thinking stir fry, in case you're wondering.

 Monday we spent some time at the pool and then enjoyed our balcony as we watched the torrential downpour in the evening. As soon as it let up, we headed to the city park to watch some amazing fireworks.

Layla loves fireworks - it's entertaining to watch her as she follows the spark of a tail up into the sky until it bursts into the beautiful explosion.  

It was a very nice, relaxing holiday and I'm a little sad it's Tuesday already.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

So glad to hear you had a good weekend! Love the fire works pictures! So cool

XO Lindsay

Rebbie said...

Congratulations on your baby pepper. Use it well.

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