Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gone Camping


Yup, we've fled the city and are camping in our favorite spot in North Carolina.  With summer coming to an end soon (John begins his last year of school in just a few weeks) we have decided it is imperative to run to the woods as much as possible between now and the first day of school.  Did you know that camping is romantic?


Romance is such an interesting thing with each person defining it differently.  When I was younger, I defined romance only as flowers and dinners and sweet love letters. Now that I'm older (and wiser?) I recognize that romance can be seen in many different lights.  John and I recently discussed how camping has become romantic to us - oh the juxtaposition of romance and dirt, smoke, and bugs.


I think it's the solitude, the common goals, the relaxation.  We don't worry about checking our emails, who did the dishes last, or what we want to watch on tv.  Instead, we let our guards down, take off the many masks we wear throughout the week, and reconnect with one another without any distraction.


The simplicity of our camping activities allow us to easily fall into a rhythm of working side by side as we hike up a mountain, start a camp fire, gather firewood, and listen to the night sounds.


Camping is more than taking a breather from life's responsibilities - it's falling in love all over again with the person we fell in love with four years ago. It's watching each other contribute to our survival in the wilderness. It's listening to the silence and knowing we wouldn't want to be listening with anyone else.  It's about letting go and relying on one another.


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