Thursday, March 31, 2011

You're on my Mind

 You know that feeling when you have a special someone on your mind and all you want to do is be with them and fix things for them? But the hardest thing is, even if you could be with them, you can't fix the thing for them? And the moment you realize that, your heart breaks yet again for them?

Yeah, I know that feeling too.  Unfortunately.

This is a collection of beautiful things I think may put a smile on her face for a minute or the very least show her something beautiful for a brief moment. 

Happiness is...

Happiness is lemon-scented and cheerful yellow, definitely. I'm sending lemon-scented and yellow thoughts your way.  Also, I think this project must definitely be tried.

Apartment Therapy

A couple years ago, my friend and I attempted to grow some moss in beautiful glass vases.  She painstakingly dug up a variety of moss and we planted it together. Mine lasted about 6 days, hers a little longer. It was a major disappointment but I think it may be time to have another go at the moss...

Katy Elliot
Design Squish
Twig and Thistle

I love all things ceramic.  Here's a little sampling of things that make me smile....thought they'd light up your face, too.  Pssst...I have an idea for these - unfortunately we'll have to wait until fall.

Kim Vallee

Terraniums are simply magical.


I think this picture speaks a thousand words.

The Long Thread

As does this. 


Rebbie said...

That's such a beautiful post. I'm also sending loving thoughts and prayers to your special someone. Mine are lavender and blue and soothing. Mixed with your yellow ones, they make a nice soft moss green.

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