Friday, March 4, 2011

Inviting Spring Inside

We've only lived in North Carolina for a few months and I'm still getting used to the area, culture, and climate. I must say, though, I am pleased that spring seems to have landed in North Carolina earlier than I've ever experienced. Every bud, leaf, and blossom I spot on walks brings a smile to my face and I become giddy at the idea of the end of winter.

I'm eagerly trying to decorate the inside of my house to reflect the sunshine and happiness that I am finding outside.

spotted in Southern Living
I have become obsessed with the blooming branches and large glass jugs I am spotting in magazines and online recently. I took a look at the branches at Michael's and unfortunately they were out of my price are these to-die-for beautiful glass jugs.  Living in an apartment doesn't give one the opportunity to pick from their own backyard....and my husband has told me I'm not allowed to steal from the side of the road. I'll let you know what I figure out.

I'm also loving the idea of blown eggs in a big bowl.  I'm not sure how much they'd hold up to being packed away 8 months out of the year...or how I'd get my hands on some robin eggs.  .I'm working on a solution for this as well.

For years I've been wanting to build a cute little terrarium...perhaps now is the time. Check this cute terrarium out from Kim Vallee.  I can just picture three or four grouped together in front of a window...sigh.

Last, but not least, in my spring wish list are beautiful spring throw pillows. Bringing in some fresh colors and flowers that won't die would definitely freshen up my living room.

spotted on Home Decor Accessories Blog
What are some things you do to welcome spring?


Anonymous said...

I love eggs in nests. Especially with three eggs. You could use Easter egg dye on regular blown out eggs. Just make new ones each year, and you get bonus omelets!
I have a cute little terrarium on my desk with some tiny deer grazing in it. All I need is a wee little gnome but I can't find one that small.
Love, Mom

Unknown said...

I love the mini terrarium. I am so scared if I will be able to keep one alive! Don't really have green thumb.

Julianna said...

Remember our moss experiment... :)

Amber said...

FYI at my local Target almost all of the throw pillows are on major clearance! I just did some redecorating to brighten up our living room and got pillows for $3.50 each! You may wanna check your local store:) I'm the same way each spring. I like chnaging the decor and brightening the mood to reflect nature in some way. This year I was going for water/beach and serene w bright teals, mixed w neutrals like tan and white. I really like your terrarium idea, too! You should definitely do it! Also, sometimes you can find really interesting long sticks/branches just outside and display them in individual fluted vases all bunched together to look like one display:)

Katherine said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Hope you find some eggs!

Unknown said...

I blew out some duck eggs YEARS ago... like 18 years ago. I still have them! But please don't take robin eggs, that just seems so wrong.

I gave your blog a shout out on my blog this morning!

Unknown said...


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