Friday, March 25, 2011

Decorating with Yellow

I've noticed that I've been in a color-rut lately. I'm drawn to the same colors time and time again (grays, blues, greens) and, while I enjoy seeing splashes of different colors in others' decorating, I never consider it for my life.  Today I'm looking at how others use splashes of yellow to liven up their homes.

Country Living

I love how this piece of furniture pops with the white walls and accessories...but it's not too showy and flashy.

Martha Stewart

The pops of yellow in this living room don't overpower the room, but do add enough sunshine to make you smile.  I could see myself decorating with a yellow mirror and throw pillow.

Gap Interiors

I also need to remember that not all yellows have to be in-your-face-yellows. The throw pillows and lamp are a nice buttery yellow and bring warmth.

Pillow Throw Decor

This is a nice baby step for me. It includes the blue and green hues of my living room while also introducing some yellow. I'm in love with it.

>Design 360

A little bolder than I'd typically go for, but hey, if you're going yellow, may as well go all out.

Delilah Devine

I'm so in love with these cute geese.  I'd take them in any color, really...MUST STAY AWAY from gray, green, and blue, though!

Are any of you in a color rut? What are some tricks you've done to introduce some new spice and hues to your home? I think I'm going to buy some yellow paint and challenge myself to make some art or paint a frame.  Wish me luck!

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Unknown said...

I read somewhere that every room should have a pop of red in it.


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