Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Decoupage Collage

Last summer I bought several plastic pots from Target's clearance section. You can't beat $.60 for a pot, right? Fast forward a year and after the harps stopped playing as my irrational head-over-heels love for the cheap pots faded, I realized how ugly they are.  I haven't filled them with anything because I didn't want them in my house.  So, what began as a bargain 60 cents (times four pots) ended up being a waste of 60 cents (times four pots).

Well, I in the midst of a horrible case of DIY ADD (you should read all about the symptoms of this crafty virus to ensure you haven't caught the germ), I decided to do a little makeover.  Mod podge plus pretty paper plus paint equals awesome pot makeover. Really!

decorate plant pots

Thanks to my insane inability to throw away scraps of beautiful paper, I was able to make a collage of sorts on the pot.

decoupage pots

With all the random blank spots, I simply painted on my new favorite color of craft paint (Bird Egg) and voila!

decorate plant pots with decoupage border=

I started these flowers from seeds and now I can't remember what type of flowers they are. Guess we'll be surprised when they bloom!!

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Jenn said...

I've got mod podge and some horrible containers... perhaps I need to get busy remaking them...

Amy C said...

What a great way to cover up the not so cute pot! I love it!

Rebbie said...

Great solution! You are so clever and brave. I'm always afraid I'm going to ruin things. I guess it's hard to ruin a 60 cent pot.

Ewa said...

I have lots of flower pots, that are just waiting to be decoupaged!

Eleni said...

Hi Cristen!! Thank you very much for coming over to my blog and leaving me such a lovely comment!!! This idea of yours is so awesome!! At first I thought that those were scraps of fabric!! I'm now following you also!! I can't wait to see more crafty beautiful ideas:)
Have a great day


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