Monday, August 22, 2011

Owners Manual

I just spent thirty minutes reading our washing machine's owners manual, ten minutes reading and re-reading the directions on the back of the RIT dye box, and twenty minutes on the phone with my mom all to figure out why, with a tub of blue dye, my washing machine suddenly decided to stop working. 

I decided to forge ahead thinking, "Well, my machine is full of bright blue dye, I may as well use it before freaking out" and started using metal tongs to agitate and mix my fabric in the clear, bright blue water.  During brief breaks (because the RIT dye box warns you must have the fabric agitating constantly for 30 to 60 minutes) I stood baffled in front of my washing machine wondering what went wrong. I was worried to push too many buttons out of fear it would reset, empty the water and dye from the tub, and begin anew and so I kept agitating my fabric. 

After 60 minutes I finally decided it was time to show the machine who was boss (there was nothing to lose if and when the machine showed me who was boss) and started by shutting the lid of the washer so I could get a good look at the many buttons.  The moment the lid clicked shut I began to feel vibrations, the machine began moving, and I heard the agitation of the wash cycle begin.

Yes, I know that my washer's lid must be shut in order for the washing cycle to run. Yes, I know the moment I open the lid, it pauses. Yes, I know I wasted over an hour baffled while staring, with the lid open, at the blue sea of water.

I'm sitting on the couch now, listening to the washing cycle make it's little noises while typing with bright blue hands because I hadn't remembered about my yellow rubber gloves until just now. Perhaps I could just start this Monday over again? Can I get a re-do, please?


Rebbie said...

At least you'll have a nice saturated hue! I can't wait to see the finished color.

Unknown said...

That sounds like something I would do! I'm sure you got in a great upper body workout, too!


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