Monday, August 8, 2011

Cinderella, Cinderella

When I was younger and I was staring at my massive chore list, I liked to think of myself as poor Cinderella. These days I just buck up and do what's needed knowing I'll love the outcome of completing my cleaning to do list.

Today is one of those days when I sat the husband down, stated that our home needed to be cleaned and that I was enlisted his help. It's one of those deep clean, scour every corner type of days - the kind when, after seeing the dust-filled bookshelf, you throw up your hands, wonder how such filth found it's way into the house, and declare war.

I've just finished washing our windows inside and out and I never knew how bright and sunshiny our living room can be. I'm taking a small break from cleaning to sit on the couch and smile at the sliding glass doors. Next up, cleaning the baseboards with vinegar and sprinkling baking soda throughout the carpet to vacuum up.  I told you - it's war!


Anonymous said...

Go get em' girl!

Chelsea said...

Nice work!! You're welcome to come tackle mine next if you'd like. hehe. I always LOVE the look of clean windows, but sadly it doesn't happen often enough.

By the way, I gave you an award today. You can check it out at

Rebbie said...

Come on over and help me when you're done. You wouldn't even believe what my house looks like right now. Maybe it would be best to wait until the dry wall guys are done.

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