Friday, August 5, 2011

The 90's Want Their Hemp Back

I remember when hemp was all the rage...I made hemp jewelry all summer long, I obsessed over hemp belts, and the schools were discussing the ban of hemp.  Gone are the days that I knew all the coolest types of braids and knots, though I do still have a couple bracelets in the bottom of my jewelry box.

Today I was inspired by an old roll of hemp in the back of the closet and am currently working on a new project!  The hemp inspiration coupled with a need to rearrange some cluttered corners has forced me to start cutting and knotting and braiding again.

Let's hope the outcome is as awesome as what I'm seeing in my mind!


Rebbie said...

I was straightening up the living room the other day and saw Brenna's hemp and bead necklace. Which one of you made that for her?

Anonymous said...

I was tempted to buy a ball of hemp twine the other day at a craft store... needless to say I was not spending $10 for it, when I can get really good twine at homedepot for $3... it's to bad to, the hemp twine is so nice... hope your having fun projects with it.


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