Monday, August 1, 2011

Running Away

When I was younger I ran away. Many times. You see, my parents wronged me often and running away was the surefire way to punish them and make them realize the error of their ways. Making me do more chores than my sisters, not allowing me to extend my bedtime even though I was old enough to stay up later, punishing me for something my sister did...they needed to be punished. And so I would write an angst-filled letter, leave it on my bed, and climb under my bed to hide and wait. 

Yes, I never really ran away - I was too scared.  But I wanted them to think I had run away for I knew that would work just as well. A healthy dose of fear would remind them how wonderful I was.  Unfortunately they never seemed to come looking for me. Perhaps it was because to a six year old 10 minutes under a bed felt like two hours or perhaps because when they send me to my room, they knew I was in my room and not slinging my bag over my shoulder and running away.  Whatever the reason, I always gave up, threw away the letter and went about the rest of the day like normal. 

Well, last week I ran away again.  I didn't run away from anyone but instead decided to hide from the stress and guilt and pressure and fear.  I didn't leave a note but I eventually gave up, unpacked my bags and resettled into my normal life.  That is why there wasn't a blog post in a week. That is why I ignored all the emails alerting me to nice comments people left. That is why I refused to read a single blog entry.  Instead, I spent time with my littlest sister and father. I ran away to Virginia and played games and ate delicious food and stole figs.  I laughed until I cried, practiced funny faces, and became a child again. 

I am home again after crawling out of my hiding spot, an adult once more, and I've unpacked my bags and re-faced the real world. Yes, I couldn't really run away - I am too scared. 

While hiding out in Richmond, I did visit the neighborhood Goodwill and found some wonderful things...I mean, who doesn't need a banana Halloween costume in July or a broken music stand? 

  We thought this chair looked like a butt. It was too tall to climb into a try it out, but I'm sure it was very comfortable. 

Listening to the ocean in Goodwill...who knew a sea shell was worth $4.50! At that price, we all took turns listening to the waves and then put it back.

I had never seen Apple Bottom life mission is now complete.

And here is proof that Leslie is illegal (although we did coerce her to steal the figs)...

They were delicious!

It's nice to be home and I've missed you all!


Rebbie said...

You convinced Leslie to break the law? Thanks for the blackmail material! You make us sound like such mean parents but, rest assured, if you had REALLY run away we would have followed you to the ends of the earth, lovingly brought you back home, given you even more chores to keep you out of trouble and then put you to bed early.

jandjhome said...

So glad you got away. I've been feeling like I need a break too. School starts up again in 2 weeks and it's back to the grind. I've been slowing down my posting and commenting for the past couple of weeks.

jandjhome said...

Oh, and I remember my sister and I running away. We packed a bag of toys and hid in the trees in our yard.

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

Your post made me smile. I like listening to the ocean through a shell to :).

Welcome back.

Theodora Ofosuhima said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deborah March said...

Ha funny! Welcome home!

Amber said...

My sister and I used to do that exact same thing! hahaha...I remember one time we even decided we would climb out onto the "balcony" outside her second-story window and hide there. Ya, that didn't last too long, but we thought that would REALLY scare our parents if we were nowhere to be found within the house! hahahaha funny memories...

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