Friday, May 13, 2011

Jewelry State of Mind

First the dreamy jewelry post on Wednesday, now a jewelry organizing post on Friday...I must have jewels on my mind.

If any of you have shared their jewelry boxes or other means of jewelry organizing in the past couple months, I'm sure you received a comment from me drooling over the beauty of your awesome project and lamenting my unsightly 80's jewelry box.  I actually have two jewelry boxes: the ugly eyesore that was very well suited to hanging necklaces, organizing earrings, and keeping brooches and bracelets and a beautiful smaller jewelry box I received last year that wouldn't fit all my necklaces and such.  Thus why I kept my eyesore of a box.

Well, I finally have had enough.  I was tired of drooling over everyone's beautiful frames-turned-jewelry hangers and decided to do something about my situation.  First, I trekked to my local Goodwill in search of the perfect frame. There was no perfect frame, so I came home dejected until I saw my eyesore again.  Remotivated, I took a walk in the woods (you'll remember what the last walk in the woods brought home, right?) and you guessed it, I found a stick!

Here's what I did with my beautiful stick:

With my necklaces hanging (as well as my favorite bracelets) I was able to put my earrings and brooches in the beautiful mirrored jewelry box and discard the eyesore.

In just a few short days I've already noticed an increase in my jewelry wearing and I've rediscovered old favorites. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Such a wonderful idea

Marilyn said...

Really lovely.. Love this.. I'm Marilyn over from stopping by and officially following you a tat bit late from Design It Chic Blog Hop. ;)) Hope you can stop by sometime.. Awesome posts.. ;))

Sweet Floweret said...

Love this :) Hope to see you back at the 20 minute tuesday linky party ;)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

AHH Such a good idea! Plus no matter how long your necklace doesn't matter!

Delighted Momma

PC said...

You have made your necklaces into an they look good either on you or on the stick! Great job!

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