Monday, May 16, 2011

My House Guest

Living in North Carolina has its many perks.  We're near the ocean, we're surrounded by beautiful and lush nature, and my husband goes to the school of his dreams.  Living in North Carolina, however, also has its drawbacks.  For one, I'm 26 hours and five states away from my family.  Now with work and grown-up responsibilities I'm not able to get back and visit more than once a year (sometimes longer!).

This week, however, I am living the best of both worlds: my mother is visiting us in North Carolina! I have been anxiously counting down the days and she finally arrived this weekend.  The last time she visited me in my own terrain I was graduating from grad school three years ago.  Boy do I have a jam-packed visit planned for her!

At the top of the list is introducing her to Layla-Butt, our amazing dog.  We also have some day trips to Asheville and Charlotte, sightseeing around the city, shopping, movie-watching, and cooking to look forward to.  Oh, and I'm also dragging her around to help me find the best Goodwills, thrift shops, and consignment stores (so if anyone knows of any in the Winston-Salem/Triad area, let us know!).

Just a heads up that emails may be delayed/lacking and linky parties might be missed this week.  You see, I'm spending much needed time with my Mom.


Julianna said...

Much love to Rebbie! Also thank her for the green chili!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Momma daughter bonding is the best :) I cant wait to see what treasures you find while thrifting!

Delighted Momma

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

P.S...I LOVE your blog and was looking through my dashboard and it wasn't there?! So anywhoo re-following you again LOL!

Lindsay said...

Have a great time with your mom! What I would give to have family come visit!

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