Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tree House Daydreams

All my life I've dreamed of having a tree house in my own backyard. Growing up in New Mexico, though, puts a little damper in those dreams because a tree house really can't be built in a tumbleweed. 

As an adult, I still find myself searching for tree houses in backyard during our walks and I've asked John to promise to build me our kids one someday.  Here are some plans I'm keeping tucked away for future use.

Spotted on Pinterest
If John built me something like this, it would be an adult only tree house.  Inside I'd keep a couch, books, and fairy lights.

Spotted on imgfave
Would we even need a house if we had this amazing tree house? I think not!

Spotted on Pinterest
The perfect childhood tree house.

Spotted on Tree House Company
I love this little tree house in the garden. So flowery, cozy, and colorful.

Spotted on Photobucket
This is a rustic little house - I'd trade the stairs for a ladder and tins connected by string for communicating.

Spotted on Apartment Therapy
 This is just the perfect house - in the trees, river view, windows galore. I'd move my family there in a heartbeat!

Spotted on Treehouse Workshop
 This is the ultimate kid's dream. Multi-levels and toms of ladders. There's even a lookout!

Spotted on Apartment Therapy

 The best way to outfit a treehouse is with a hammock and a book. Maybe some cookies thrown in for good measure.

Spotted on Treehouse Workshop
 I only wish I lived in this treehouse. Hold on, I have to show this to John and get his commitment he'll build it for me.


Amanda said...

Those are AMAZING!! Good grief...I want one!

Jenn said...

Amazing tree houses... I've alway wanted one myself... or if no tree is available possibly a yurt.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Makes me want to get a good book and disappear into one of those! Isn't Pinterest awesome?? I just discovered it..and its slightly addicting

Dani said...

These are magic! :)

Anonymous said...

I found a tree house restaurant in New Zealand. If I end up studying there, Mom is coming to visit me just so we can go there! You should join!

Love, Leslie

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