Friday, November 11, 2011

Run, Kristen, Run!


John and I are in Richmond, VA this weekend for a little race. Please note that those last two words are said with sarcasm and wide eyes. You see, John signed us up for this race back in the spring when I thought, "Sure, there's time to train, let's do this!"  Throughout my four years of high school I ran cross country and track so I'm not a stranger to the running sport. It has been 11 years since then, though, and I haven't run longer than the distance from the couch to the fridge or maybe from the front door to the car (but only when it's raining) during that time.


Remember the little voice in my head about saying there was time to train? Well, fast forward seven months and I never trained. Nope. John woke up every morning and went running and to the gym and boasted about how awesome he was (okay, maybe not the last part but it did rub me the wrong way that he wouldn't laze on the couch with me instead of going running). I blogged on the couch, ate food in the kitchen, and overall didn't run. Until two weeks ago. Then I got scared. So I ran a couple miles. A couple times. And then stopped. Yup, I'm about to run a race that is longer than the total distance I have run in the past 11 years combined.

Wish me luck!!


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