Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ikea is like Disney World for Grown Ups

My poor mother lives in New Mexico. Don't get me wrong - I love New Mexico.  Every day I miss the desert sunsets, the vast mountains, the colorful culture, the unique history.  Despite the amazing things that New Mexico has, it does not have one thing: Ikea. 

When my mother moved my littlest sister into college last year in Minnesota, she finally experienced what I like to call Disney World for Grown Ups.  She finally realized what she was missing by living in New Mexico (aside from seeing her favorite daughter regularly and whatnot).  Today she gets to experience her second visit to Ikea - yes, we are taking a trip to Charlotte to go shopping!

Now, usually John does not allow me to venture inside Ikea without supervision.  It's kind of like he knows me or something.  Luckily Unfortunately he is busy preparing for his graduate recital so Mom will be my co-conspirator supervisor.

A few things on my list of things to check out:

Plant Stand
I could definitely use a couple of these for my larger house plants that weight at least 15 tons.  I'd paint them to match the pot.
Basket for storage
Two of these to keep under my living room end tables would help with the wrangling of half completed projects, blankets, magazines, etc.
Dish towels
How fun and summery are these dish towels? I need them. I'm currently plotting if I couldn't cut them to make cloth napkins...
Hemnes Dresser
I've been drooling over this dresser for two years.  It won't make it's way into our cart, but there's nothing saying I can't spend a little quality time with it.
Super cheap inner cushions
These are definitely cheaper than any I find at Joannes!
Ribba Frames
What's an Ikea trip without some new Ribba frames?!
Solar lights
How cool are the new solar lights Ikea has? There are many to choose from...they'd light up any patio or balcony!

What are some things that are always on your Ikea shopping list?


Stephanie T said...


We bought the solar lights last year - they are great! I love Ikea and I always buy candles and vases. And boxes and those big drinking glasses for Latte Macchiatio...

Simply Jessabells said...

I am just happy that Ikea is 2 hours away. I own so much Ikea. I heart them, they get me. lol.

stop by and say hi!

Anonymous said...

I'm not allowed to go into IKEA unless I have my husband with he thinks I go a little hog wild in that store if I'm by myself or with friends {{sigh}}

Lindsay said...

Hey Kristen--just wanted to let you know that I passed along the Versatile Blogger Award to you. You can check out my blog for the details if you'd like to accept it.

S said...

Like your mom, I live in NM & have never experienced the magic of Ikea. Oh, how I wish! (Until they make their way to Santa Fe or ABQ, I will live vicariously through you who has Ikea!)

Julianna said...

So what did you get?

Rebbie said...

So why didn't any of these things end up in our cart? It was full enough of my stuff that we could have snuck in more for you.

Christine - Tutorial Addict :) said...

OOOOH girl, that dresser is AWESOME. To be honest, I'm a little scared of IKEA! I'm scared I'll go in to find a $3 vase and come out with a new kitchen! LOL

Thanks for your comments on my jewelry post, I TOTALLY feel like I have way more now that I can SEE it all! LOL


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