Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exploring a City

With our fabulous house guest in town last week, we took the opportunity to really explore the new town we call home.  Isn't it fun when guests come and you have an excuse to do all the fun things you've wanted to do? So, when my mother came in to town a couple weeks ago, we had a list of places to explore, things to see, and food to try.

We visited a rose garden

We enjoyed several gardens

Hydrangeas are my favorite


John and my mother

Old Salem - Home of the Moravians

We sewed the floral dress...details to come

Michael Jackson to play, more fun to watch
It was a fabulous visit with my mother and I can't wait until she comes again.  Unfortunately she left this week and life is going back to normal...the laundry is done, house is cleaned, and I'm slowly getting back into real life again.  Expect some new crafts and projects, some brainstorming and asking your opinions, and some major furniture renovation this summer! Can't wait!


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