Thursday, October 27, 2011

Small Bedroom Lessons


I found myself loving this photo that I found of a bedroom and didn't realize immediately how small the room actually was.  That, my friends, is how you know you've decorated a small room well.  Despite the size of the bedroom, the scale of the painting doesn't overwhelm; instead it detracts from it and becomes the wonderfully colorful and playful focal point. Lesson learned - don't be afraid of size and colors when dealing with a teeny room.

via Pinterest

After seeing the fabulous yellow room, I became inspired to check out some other marvelous small rooms.  The bed barely fits in this room, but it feels so comfortable and homey that size doesn't matter.  The layers of blankets, the mirror headboard, and the pillows galore help to keep your eye traveling around and noticing the many patterns and colors.  Lesson learned: use patterns to keep the eye busy and create a comfortable sanctuary with layers of blankets and pillows.


I'm sure I'm not alone when I share that I was always under the impression that dark colors make a room seem smaller. So, why would one decorate a teeny room in dark colors? It seems the photo of this lush purple room shows that dark colors create cocoons of  luxury.  The deep colors, the gold lampshades, the various fabrics on the bed make you feel like royalty.  Lesson learned: when dealing with a small room, create a cocoon.

via Pinterest

Here we have another large focal point in a teeny tiny room. This room is different from the first, in that the room is bathed in neutral colors and accessories...all but the lively goldfish on the wall. Lesson learned: Punch up a small, neutral room with a quirky piece of art.

via Pinterest

This room just feels like a sanctuary to me. From the lighting to the headboard to the enveloping use of colors, I feel like I could spend all day in this small room and not feel boxed in.  I can't decide on my favorite feature of this room - the fun curtains, the fabulous chandelier, the plush headboard, or the painted ceiling.  Luckily these many features work together rather than compete against one another and you're left with a room you can't get enough of. Lesson learned: just because it's a small space, don't be afraid to accessorize with glamorous chandeliers and beds.


This is the definition of teeny tiny room.  Despite the physical limitations, this room features a bed, storage, and awesome accessories.  With a feature wall of wood from an old gym floor, they decided to keep everything else light and airy. Color was added to increase interest and I love the mini gallery wall. Lesson learned: Accessories, when done right, don't cramp or clutter a small bedroom but create a legitimate bedroom.


Here is another example of accessorizing a small bedroom without cramping or cluttering the small space. A mirror is useful in using optical illusion to create more space. The gallery wall is a wonderful focal point, but notice that even the photos take on a neutral tone to match the subtle gray walls and airy, light curtains. Lesson learned: Maintain a neutral color palette when using many accessories to help combat a cluttery feel.


HI. I'm Julie. The Stalker. said...

wow - loving all those rooms! just found your blog!

Debbie said...

Love the rooms! The house we recently bought has small bedrooms (the smallest being 9x8) and I've been having trouble figuring out how to decorate them. These help a lot!

Kahli said...

I have a small bedroom like 9x10 and this list could be helpful!

Tonya said...

All of the bedrooms are beautiful...but the purple room and the blue and pink/red room are LOVELY!

Unknown said...

Such inspiring images!Prefect for when someone is looking for bedroom decorating ideas . You can also refer The Happy Homes Blog if you're looking for more ideas

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