Thursday, October 20, 2011

Styrofoam Upcycle #4

twine photo frame diy

Last spring we were cleaning out our storage shed when we found a styrofoam cooler that was merely taking up space. Instead of throwing it away, I decided to upcycle as much of it as possible and proceeded to make a couple frames and a few awesome letters for my gallery wall (seen here and here).

diy frame upcycle

Well, that styrofoam cooler produced more styrofoam that I thought possible when I was dissecting it and I finally got around to upcycling another piece of the cooler.

twine wrapped frame diy

 I had cut out a variety of rectangles knowing I wanted to make some textured frames.  I have many frames displayed on our gallery wall, but aside from my twig art and cork heart, texture and natural fibers were missing (and we all know how much I love bringing natural fibers and organic matter into the mix)

wrapped picture frame diy

Using some hemp twine I had from a project gone bad, I began wrapping and gluing (with hot glue), wrapping and gluing, wrapping and gluing. 

twine frame diy upcycle

 I love how some of the smaller details turned out. The V pattern at the corners and centers of each long leg add additional interest.

styrofoam upcycle frame

 It feels good to create something out of what would normally be thrown in a landfill and left to blow around for hundreds of years. Instead, I have a lightweight, textured frame to add to my gallery wall.

diy frame upcycle styrofoam

I'm still deciding if I should leave it empty or add some art. What do you think?

styrofoam upcycle picture frame


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