Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green...Or is It?

Occasionally I feel guilty that John and I aren't more "green".  Living in an apartment, we aren't able to compost or easily recycle all recyclables.  I look at other people and always feel as though I'm not doing as much as them.  Today I decided to create a list of things John and I do to see if I really should feel as guilty as I do or if it's another of my irrational thoughts (just one of many).

After making this list I was able to see how easy being green is. You don't have to ride a bike 50 miles to work and only shop at Whole Foods to contribute positively to the environment. I thought I'd share the list I created with the hopes of showing you the small and easy things you probably do everyday to be green.

Our Easiest 25 Green Habits
1. Hang laundry to dry.
      Living in an apartment hinders this a great deal, but we do tend to drape clothes over doors, showers, etc
The Alternative Consumer

2. Do not accept plastic bags
      We have a pile of cloth bags in both of our cars - however I will admit we forget to bring them in time and time again

3. Recycle paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass
      It's a little inconvenient to do this in our apartment, but I do upcycle most of these things...all glass and cardboard get hoarded away for future crafts.

4.  Convert to all CFL light bulbs
      We love CFLs - they save money and last forever
Awesome Rossome

5.  Turn off lights we're not using
      Biggest pet peeve of mine

6.  Turn off water while rinsing/brushing
Terra Pass

7.  Reuse gift wrap
.     I always save all tissue paper, pretty wrapping paper, and gift bags from my presents

8.  Run dishwasher only when full - and turn off dry cycle
      Saves both money and water

9.  Turn water heater temperature down

10.  Recycle, freecycle, consign, donate instead of trash

 11.  Use cloth napkins
      We just began this habit last year. Currently thinking of cutting down on paper towels for cleaning, too

12.  Print on both sides of paper and re-use paper before recycling
       We have a pile of scrap paper for notes or printing

13.  Unplug appliances when not in use
      We could be better with this

14.  Use reusable water bottles
Sustainable Living Group

15.  Use natural light for as long as you can in the evenings

16.  Drive gently to get better mileage
      I started doing this to save gas money in college and now it's a habit

17.  Reduce hair dryer use
      It's been tough, but I've broken my dependency

18.  Grow your own vegetables
      Our lettuce is almost ready for our first salad!

19.  Flush less
      Gross, yes, but it helps!

20.  Keep heat at 59F in winter and 87F in summer
      We do this mainly to save money

21.  Clean with baking soda and vinegar
      Just discovered this trick and am in love!

22.  Shop at the local farmers market
The Best of the South

23.  Make homemade meals (less packaging)
      We make all our meals from scratch

24.  Buy bulk products & refill to reduce packaging

25.  Wash and re-use ziplock bags
     Occasionally we do this..

 So, even if you don't ride your bike 50 miles both ways to work or or use only 2 cups a water a day or make everything you own out of recycled trash you can still feel good about being green. Being green doesn't have to be hard and that makes me happy because I look pretty good in green.


Renée said...

All great suggestions. I'd like to add your link to my Wednesday features. Thanks for a good reminder and informative post.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Great post!! Great tips. Everyone needs to be doing this

Delighted Momma

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