Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inspiration Boards

I recently discovered OlioBoard.  It's a pretty awesome site that allows you to create and play around with inspiration boards. If you haven't played with it, I suggest you do.

I've been frustrated with how slow creating the perfect home happens.  I can see it in my head and I can see what needs to happen, but due to time and monetary limits (not to mention we're living in an apartment now), it's been slow going. So, I decided to create my ideal rooms in OlioBoard so I have something to motivate me and keep me excited.

This first one is of my master bedroom. The color scheme is gray and green with nature dispersed throughout.  Right now we have all black and white photos (aspen tree, birds, wedding photos) with white frames from Ikea, a gray duvet for the winter and green quilt for summer, and silver touches around the room.

We still need to paint our furniture. Right now it's a mish mash of 70's brown, cream, and black.  I'm picturing white or gray or even a fun green.

Our master bath is currently green and white - a smooth transition from the bedroom.  We have white towels with green stripes and matching rug. Our shower curtain is white as well.

I can't wait until we have a prettier bathroom. You should see the cabinets and mirror we have right now...sometime I'll have to take a picture for you.  Oh, and check out that cool stump/stool! Awesome!

For our office I want bright and fun but soothing.

This inspiration board makes me smile.  Right now all we have is the two person desk and some ugly bookshelves in our office. I can't wait to make a fun and spunky office!

I wish I had the sources of each of these items ..though honestly I doubt they're anywhere within our budget.  The inspiration boards are simply that: inspiration. A fun way to get excited about decorating when I feel sad we can't make everything beautiful at once. 

Now, if you'll please excuse me I'm just going to stare at these until my rooms miraculously improve.


michelle@decorandthedog said...

Thanks for your nice comment on our blog!

Your boards look great!! I haven't done much with them...but they always look fun on other people's blogs. I have a hard time visualizing...and we do things on a limit budget also so by the time I get around to buying something on the's already discontinued. :P

New follower!

Anonymous said...

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Angie @ Thrifty Like Me said...

I love your inspiration boards...I'm gonna have to check them out myself! How fun!

Thanks for stopping by Thrifty Like Me. :)

Hyphen Interiors said...

Great job! I love those inspiration boards! said...

Hello I love your citrus... with pure white. Do you know how to get the rug???


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