Monday, February 7, 2011

Work With What You Have

I never thought of myself as an artsy or crafty person. I don't own a ton of paper, stickers, glues, or paint brushes. I don't own every color of glitters, paints, markers, or yarn.  Sure, I liked to tinker, decorate, and make things...but I always thought it was because I was thrifty and cheap. You see, when it comes to making something, my philosophy is "make something beautiful for cheaper than you can buy it."

While I don't have a closet full of stencils, die cut machines, or beads, I do have spice jars, olive oil bottles, old greeting cards, and wrapping paper.  I have wine bottles, corks, acorns, and pine cones. Being a newlywed, I don't have the means to binge on beautiful items at Pottery Barn, but I do allow some drool to drip as I think to myself, "I could make that!"My inventory of bottles and jars, natural elements and candles allows me to recreate scenes and tablescapes right out of a magazine...for free!  As I explore my decorating style and crafting skills, I'm realizing that just because I can't buy Anthropologie's beautiful owl cookie jar or Pottery Barns sparkly vases, I don't have to stare at blank walls, tables, and counters. I just need to be creative, willing to get dirty, make some (or a lot of) mistakes, and think outside the box.

Past apartments I've lived in with roommates never felt completely like home. With our mismatched furniture, my uneasiness about decorating the living room the way I wanted to in case the roommate didn't like it, and unwillingness to invest much time, the apartments were always sparse, plain, and white. Now that I look back, some of the apartments were full of character, 100 years old, and awesome. How I wish I could go back and decorate the open kitchen shelves, emphasize the huge living room windows...

Now, as a real, live grown up with a place to make into a home, I am embracing the possibilities and the commitment necessary to fall in love with my home.

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