Monday, September 26, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

Today begins leg 2 of my cross country road trip to visit my baby sister. I am heading up and over to Minnesota to spend time bugging my sister who is away at college and I couldn't be more excited.

Road Trip 2009...we visited every single college on the east coast

Leslie is ten years younger than me, which, when I was growing up, was a heck of a big age difference between the two of us. I mean, as I was entering high school and focusing on boys, she was learning her colors and abc's. Then, I went moved away to college, graduate school, and got married all before she graduated from high school. So, we've never really been on the same page when it came to interests, life milestones, living in the same house, etc.

Road trip to NYC
Recently, though, we've gotten to know each other as adults and I must tell you - Leslie is a pretty awesome person. First, she is almost the spitting image of me. Not in the physical sense (she's 5 feet much taller than me) but in the every other sense.  Second, she's hilarious, intelligent, and kind...all my favorite qualities. Third, we communicate without speaking. It drives my husband nuts.

So, I plan on drinking lots of yummy coffee while chilling in a coffee shop for the next week with Leslie. People watching is a must, as is exploring the nooks and crannies on her super duper old and haunted campus.

The Garza Sisters circa 2006

Needless to say I won't be posting much for the next couple weeks...well, except for some sure to be awesome fall pictures of Minnesota and perhaps some new crazy sister pictures.

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Rebbie said...

Weeks!?!?! I didn't know you were visiting for that long! I think you and Leslie are both pretty fabulous and I hope you have a wonderful time in MN.


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