Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making Our Wedding Ours!

budget wedding diy rustic

While planning our wedding, we were determined to have an intimate wedding that celebrated our personalities and showcased who we are as a couple.  Every detail of our wedding spoke to who we were and turned a day of celebrating a marriage into a day of celebrating our relationship and personalities as well.

The very first wedding project we focused on were our Save the Dates. Asking an old friend to help us, we designed a fun and meaningful save the date that illustrated our diverse friends and family and highlighted the travel that everyone would be doing to attend our special day.  Thanks again, Lori, for your beautiful work on our STDs!

apple diy wedding rustic

Throughout our relationship, John and I wrote notes to each other in haiku form. Whether it a sweet love note, a teasing jab, or a mindless ditty, haikus plagued our facebook wall, our post-it notes, and our email boxes so much so, that even friends began writing to us through the use of haikus.  We knew that haikus needed to be used throughout the wedding in some shape or form and decided to make our guests work for their drinks.

diy wedding budget rustic apples

Yes, our guests had to write a haiku in order to be served at the bar. Oh how we love the thoughtful, loving haikus our guests wrote us...they serve as a fabulously sentimental (and humorous) guest book we love taking out to read.

haiku wedding diy

I hate cake (the icing is the worst part) and John could live without it so it didn't make sense to get a big elaborate wedding cake that neither of us would eat.  Instead, we asked close friends and family members to bake us a pie and created a buffet of delicious fruit pies that also served as our receiving line. You see, wanting to ensure we spent time with each wedding guest, we decided to personally cut and serve the pies.

pie wedding diy

My mother surprised us with aprons to wear during the serving of the pies - John's had his monogram, mine was a fabulous flirty apron she made out of apple fabric that perfectly matched our blue and green color scheme.

With so many touches of ourselves, we were able to create a one-of-a-kind wedding day that truly celebrated our love for one another.   From cootie catchers my little sister made that shared fun facts about us to luminarias, a New Mexican tradition that lit the way back to the guest parking lot at the end of the night everywhere we turned, we were reminded of our love and the reason for the celebration.


Rebbie said...

Your wedding was so special and personal. I recognize a couple of those poems that I wrote for some Haiku-challenged guests. I should have charged $$.

Samantha @ Little Painted Canvas said...

I am in love with your wedding. Simple and elegant is always the way to go in my book, with a little shabby chic of course.

Love, love, love it.

Mono Chhrome said...

Great post thank youu


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